Will mankind once again walk on the lunar surface? I wouldn’t even hesitate to say “yes”, because the future is long, and who in the early 1950s would have dared to predict that we would even land a craft on the Moon within 20 years? But in this case, the answer probably isn’t as interesting as the question itself – more specifically, when, and why, and how will we do it?

yes, in the near future, there is a manned mission to the moon proposed be the European Space Agency for 2024. if a small mission like that is planned in the next 20 years, A permanent base is eslily feasable in the next 50 years. the moon has huge amounts of helium3, wich is needed for nuclear fusion, and is not commonly found on earth. if we can find out how to do nuclear fusion using recourses found on the moon we can create lots of chrap energy that has zero harmful byproducts. this is an important goal, because if we keep using current energy production methods like burning fossil fuels and nuclear fission we will seriously damage the environment. missions to the moon will be useful and even profitable. the next moon missions will probably look smilar to the apollo program of the 60's and 70's, only with smaller, more efficient rockets like the SpaceX Falcon IX heavy.

here is a size comparison of the two, and other similiar rockets.

however, in the nearer future, robotic missions like the google luner X prize 'Polaris' rover are set to take off and do more detailed studies of the lunar surface.