1949: Mao praises China's large population
1950: Communist Party of China provides contraceptives, develops birth control programme and supports abortion
1958: "The Great Leap Forward" fails
1961: Communist Party of China introduce a propaganda campaign to limit population growth
1970: China's population becomes 800 million
1970: Communist Party of China launch a family planning campaign to influence people to delay marriage, have fewer children and increase the number of years between children. "Late, Long and Few"
1970-1976: China's fertility rate falls by half and 6 births per woman has become 3 births per woman
1979: China's family planning policy is established in many provinces by Deng Xiaoping and is mandatory. Couples need to get permission from local officials to have their first child, limits China's Han Ethnic majority to only one child
1980: The one-child policy is officially enforced
1986: Ultrasounds become available in Chinese clinics resulting in many abortions due to gender preferences
2002: Permission from local officials to have a first child is no longer required
2006: China has 32 million more under-20 boys than under-20 girls
2008: China announces family planning policy will continue for another decade

China’s one child policy was a humanitarian response to the issues regarding the overpopulation of the country. The fact was that there were too many people and a limited supply of recourses for example china only has a certain amount of land, water, food and natural resources. China has a population of 1,330,000,000 people and all these people have to be treated like fairly and equally meaning they all need things like food, safe drinking water, shelter/proper housing they have the right to an education and enough jobs but the overpopulation does not allow this to happen. This led to the increase in abortion especially if the unborn baby was a girl the reason for this was that the parents wanted boys to carry on the family name and traditions and because of this there was and currently still is an imbalance in the population. But of Corse there had to be rules, restrictions and regulations that came with the policy, such as:

  • The policy only applies to the registered urban couples or families. The rural families were excluded and protected.
  • Couples may have one child every 10 years.
  • Multiple births such as twins, triplets were exempt from the policy.
  • Parents whose first child is physically or mentally handicapped or die these parents are allowed to have a second child.
  • Waivers of the policy are selectively granted for hardship cases, such as adoption of a deceased relative's orphan.
  • A limited number of municipalities will switch to a 2 child policy within the next few years. Shanghai is the most prominent locale making this change

The worst thing is that the people of china had no opinion and no say in the policy that was being introduced; the one child policy was just passed so that the people would have no choice.