The Chinese one child policy has a problem on a human right. One child policy is a government limit the number of child to Han race parents(foreign and the other nation parents are not). This is no fare to parents.Parents even bear a child, they have an abortion. The number of parents have an abortion is increasing, especially female infant mortality. It is up to 800million babies. If a second baby was born , Parents have to pay a fine for a baby after first baby. a fine is to pay the fine more than 3 times or 10 times yearly income or the publication of the violator or to make a gap for a tax and social security between parents have only one child or not. Chinese government control more strictly.
they check a gender identification tests before the mother gives birth because as general Chinese culture told, male can do more physical labor and general help for parents than female. then if baby was female, a mother have an abortion in most of the case.
"In Zhejiang, 30,000 more boys are born than girls every year, which is a very dangerous signal for society. In 2020, 24 million Chinese men will have difficulties in finding their wives, " In the execution of the policy, many local governments still demand abortions if the pregnancy violates local regulations, or even force abortions on women violating the policy.

In 1968 International conference on human right declared "Parents have a basic human right to determine freely and responsibly the number and the spacing of their children."