4. The one-child policy skews gender demographics (disadvantage)

It is already a social preference to have a son because sons are more help when it comes to farming and labor, and can provide for the parents when they reach old age. Often a son’s parents are treated better than a daughter’s. Therefore, couples tend to prefer sons over daughters, sometimes going to extremes to ensure this, like

5. China's one child policy is ignored by the elite:

The one-child policy is frequently ignored by the higher socio-economic classes (the elite) of China, as in these classes a large family is a sign of status/ reputation and having a son in the family is a necessity according to society. The elite can afford to bribe official, use foster parents to hide extra children, etc. The policy does create social division in the country - it is an obstacle to prosperity for poor communities.Harsh penalties are imposed on parents who attempt to secure future welfare and economic security for their family. The policy also leads to a negative perception of Chinese hierarchy and officials.
Policy not aimed to harm or discriminate against different communities/ people, has no malicious intent. Better regulation & implementation of the policy required, not an abolition.