Access to Capital
Captial is the access to money and machinery. Machinery helps for the production and/or transportation of food, hence affecting the availability of food. Money allows for food to be bought or machinery, which can help increase productivity and so the availability of food. Money can also be used for investing in the food industry (to develop new methods for producing food or enhance technology and such).

- LEDCs are more dependent on the climate than farmers in MEDC who have a greater capacity to change the climate, so we can see the importance of access to capital here in being able to buy equipment to be able to adapt to the climate if necessary. Machinery helps adapting to climate.

- The capacity to obtain greenhouses and glasshouses is higher if there is more capital available, making farming of some crops available in places where they usually wouldn't

- More capital allows for farmers to buy a larger variety of seeds and more of them, which allows different crops to be sold and also in larger quantities

- Microloans are important. These are when a small amount of capital is lent, allowing for small scale businesses (e.g. farmers) to grow.