List the different advantages of ODA:
-Social and economic programmes
-water provision
-public works
-health reform
-girls schools
-more schools
-special needs schools

Immediate cheap aid (kenya)
-no transport/travel costs
-cheap and fast
-local impact=Multiplier
-improves female empowermtn
-reduces conflict
-brings together community
-helps hardest hit
serves needs better

World Bank Aid (Yemen)
- Helps to fund Yemen's basic education program, leading to better education for male and female children, and also helping special needs students.
-Increased female education leads to female empowerment.
- educated females-> more workers -> more tax.
-Improvements in Sanitation and Water supply mean that overall health is improved, due to less disease.
-Farms recieve irrigation
-Roads improved, to improve services and environmental conditions, also trade.
-More access to maternal clinics
-Fisheries improved, leading to more employment.


-Building the Kariba Dam created jobs and now a huge supply of energy, which is used in the production of copper and tobacco.