Biophysical factors are most important in determining areas of deficiency & sufficiency

Biophysical Factors

- Affect developing countries more than developed countries; money to develop technology
- Developed countries have technologies than can overcome biophysical factors
e.g. irrigation systems, greenhouses, heated rooms, fertilisers, ability to introduce new soil types, possibility to live close to volcanoes and rivers safely

Biophysical factors :

- Different crops need different temperatures
- Latitude affects what crops can be grown
- >6 degrees Celsius needed

- Different crops need more/less water
- Rainfall can be replaced by irrigation: developed countries have reservoir
- Plants need water: can't grow in drought/deserts

- Different crops withstand/need different quantities of sunlight

- Certain rock types not suitable for farming
e.g. coarse soils + few nutrients
- Too acidic/alkaline/salty soil result in reduced crop yields
- Mountainous + cool areas generate soil slowly
- Alluvial + volcanic soil is most fertile ; developed countries are able to live there safely